Quinn lay in bed, her body still acclimating to the notion that it was morning, when she felt something padding against her belly. Peaking through the slit of her barely opened eyes, she saw Thor trying to climb up her. He had gotten so big, not the tiny puppy he once was, and he was heavy. Still, Quinn smiled as he made it to her face and licked her and gave him a quick scratch behind the ear. “Good morning, my not so baby boy.” Pushing up, she propped up against her pillows and closed her eyes again. This time, the thing that stirred her was the smell of bacon and the feeling of familiar lips against hers. She smiled into the kiss, waiting until she lost the rough feeling of Puck’s lips before opening one eye and catching sight of the gorgeous man who had been sleeping next to her, shirtless, holding a wooden tray table.

The waffles were stacked two high on two plates and piled with strawberries and fluffy whip cream. The bacon was on its own plate, and there was a tiny, clear glass vase that held a single pink rose. “For me?” There was a lilt in her voice, letting him know she was teasing. She would never be able to eat all this food by herself, so grinned at him playfully. “I suppose I can share.” Puck set the feast down across her lap, then climbed in next to her. Cutting off the first bite of waffle, she aimed the fork towards his mouth, waiting as he took the first bite.